Fuck Yeah, Parks and Recreation!

Jul 25
“They approach it in different ways. Like Aziz [Ansari], for example, he’s a master of the individual joke. Changing and altering an individual joke. Like, we use his improved jokes individually more than anyone else, probably. And Amy, having come from that world entirely and being completely immersed in that world, can change whole sentences and whole directions for scenes in really great ways. And Chris Pratt kind of does it by sometimes changing a joke but also sometimes just completely changing the idea behind the delivery. Like, he did an improv in a scene later in the year when they were gonna promote Snake Juice. Tom’s getting everyone to do guerilla marketing to promote his dumb product, and he did this line where they’re reading off a script, and the line is, “Yeah, I’m pretty boring, so I’ll have a beer, too.” And then his improv was, “Yeah, I’m pretty” and then looked again and said, “Boring, so I’ll…” [Laughs.] But our preference is to always try to give them time in every scene to try to beat what we’ve written. And they very often do.”

- Michael Schur on the different approaches the P&R cast members have to improv.

Via this insanely good and indepth AV Club interview that you all have to read RIGHT NOW.

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