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Parks and Emojis (x)

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Apr 29

officialbeamazedbyme said: so is parks and rec done now or what?

It’s been renewed for one more season, but Michael Schurr is treating it like it will be the last:¬†http://screenrant.com/parks-recreation-season-7-final/

Apr 28

kathrynnorton13 said: I have a theory that at the end of the finale, Ben has been elected mayor and that's the celebration happening downstairs (and why Ben is wearing a tux). It would make sense to set up Ben and Leslie as this great power couple, and it also gives Ben a chance to redeem himself for his former time as mayor of his hometown. Thoughts?

Oooooh, I like that! My take is that Ben took the Cones of Dunshire patent and opened his own game manufacturing company in Pawnee, which created a lot of jobs and national attention, maybe they even got into the mobile apps/gamification side of things. Think Zynga but not terrible. He’s about to be honored for his economic contributions to the Pawnee Renaissance, hence the tux.

Can you tell I work at a tech startup? ;)

GUYS I LOVE THIS - send me your season seven theories. Let’s chat!

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